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Too Funny

February 17, 2009

Okay, that’s just comical. I was apparently on the news last night…for being budget-conscious! (Those of you who know me and my spending habits can cackle quietly to yourself…)


I went to Roanoke’s Valley View mall with my good buddy Shelley to order the bridesmaid dress for her wedding, and while there decided to run into Old Navy and buy a couple of pairs of uniform pants for Lawson, since he had ripped a great big old hole in one of his. Upon coming out, this woman came running up to us, “please, can I talk to you for just a few minutes?” She sounded desperate. I thought at first she was one of those hand lotion people…you know, the ones you will do completely circuitous routes around the outer perimeter of the mall to avoid? Then I noticed the microphone in her hand, and the cameraman behind her. Inwardly, I sighed. Outwardly, some part of my mouth I hadn’t given permission to speak said, “Sure!” Shelley skulked away, conveniently behind the camera.


“So, are you finding any great deals for President’s Day?”


I hated to be a party pooper. “No, but we’re not really looking, either. We’re just here to order a bridesmaid dress.” I pointed to the skulker. “For HER wedding.”


The newslady was quite persistent. “Well, are you seeing any good bargains anywhere?” She eyed my bags. Translation: if you purchased something, you must have found a good deal. I’m a little different though—I don’t necessarily need a sale to buy something I need and want. I used to be that way, and discovered that I was actually spending way more money by just shopping sales blindly for sale items. Now I actually wait until I need something to buy it, and look for the best value, but try to buy the best in the first place. It seems to work out a bit better for my checkbook that way. But I was game.


“Actually, I just found uniform pants in Old Navy for only twelve bucks,” I gushed. “That’s really awesome, compared to the twenty or thirty they can sometimes be.”


“Oh, that is great! Tell me more. Have your spending habits changed any in recent months?”


“Well, sure. I’ve become very budget conscious,” I replied, thinking of the $72 pair of jeans I’d just purchased at Buckle.  What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. Not one bit. And I had actually wanted two pair of the stinking jeans, but I decided I might as well be frugal. “I might put off a purchase for a month or so until I decide it’s necessary.”


With that, the interview wrapped up.


I have taken so much teasing over the newscast, especially from my dear husband, who knows about this lovely $72 pair of jeans. I did decide not to buy two pair, though, even though I had the funds—a decision I wouldn’t have made not too long ago.


So you see, I am becoming a bit more budget conscious in my middle age. Small steps, people. Small steps.

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  1. abalqsm permalink
    February 18, 2009 3:14 am

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    Happy reading, cheers

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