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Busy Being Busy

February 23, 2009

Dude, I am tired. I was tired when the day began. So, tired, in fact, that the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to get online and check the weather, checking hopefully to see if there’s any snow or ice forecasted at any time during the week. Snow or ice means the possibility of extra sleep. I am pathetic.


My to-do list, beginning at the start of the weekend and running through this evening as it thankfully winds to a close, has been obnoxious. It went a little something like this:

à       Wake kids, get them ready for school. (I won’t detail everything involved. You moms know. The idea of doing all of that in a forty-five minute span of time before 7:30 a.m., and getting ourselves showered, dressed, and made-up into the bargain…mind-boggling. How do we do it?)

à       Get self off to dentist before 8:15. I had a twenty-eight year old filling fall out the other evening, and was fortunate enough to get this early bird appointment—if fortunate is the right term for the hour and a half of drilling and other indescribable torturous…stuff…that occurred.

à       Swing by the bank.

à       Swing by the high school and pick-up/drop off homebound stuff.

à       Go teach new homebound student linear equations—whoo-hoo!

à       In the hour left prior to picking kids up, buy groceries at Wal-Mart. (Has anyone ever tried to shop and pay for a cart load of groceries at Wal-Mart within an hour? Can’t quite be done…)

à       Pick up kids from school.

à       Work on homework for an hour before taking Autumn to tumbling.

à       Discover upon taking Autumn to tumbling that she suddenly has no clean leotards in her locker because she loaned one out.

à       Decide to work on History map project instead, and do so, for next hour and a half.

à       Finally arrive home, close to six p.m.

à       Install new battery in old, crashed computer and spend next three hours transferring files and trying without success to “fix” stupid computer.

à       Ummm….oh. Kids to bath. Kids to bed. Supper in there somewhere. And now, at close to 11 p.m., it’s finally time for me.


And that was just today. The weekend was, if possible, worse. I don’t think I had five spare minutes to squeeze anywhere, simply because I was trying to fit an impossible amount into this amount of time that seems to keep getting shorter and shorter.


I know you’re all having the same problem. Or at least, I’m sincerely hoping that I’m not the only one with mad piles of laundry wigging out in my bathroom (and other places). Why do we do this to ourselves? Overscheduled, overcommitted…and strangely, I think the sad thing is that many of us think something is wrong with us if we’re not running around like some sort of possessed chicken, flapping her wings frantically over her brood of responsibilities.

It’s nice sometimes to just be still, to be quiet. You hear so much that way…the rhythms of your own system, the whispers of God. You don’t hear, or pay attention to, those things when you’re busy being busy.


I was so tired after taking care of all of this business today that I thought about just heading straight for bed and not writing a new post. What’s a day or two? I thought. It’s more than just a post, though. It’s self-reflection. It’s a wind-down. It’s that whisper in my ear, sometimes.


So I gathered the last little bit of energy I had, and wrote you a post. Good night, now.

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