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On Snow…Finally

March 2, 2009
My little winter porch tree.

My little winter porch tree.

Whew. I’ve been trying to post this since last night, but have been having mucho problemos with my site–it just wouldn’t let me logon and post!…finally got in through a backdoor of sorts. I was getting a teensy bit worried! Anyway, I woke up this morning to piles and piles of the lovely white stuff, so this post almost seems redundant, but I wrote it, so I’m posting it anyway–just shows that God answers prayers–even the frivolous ones. 🙂

Is it too much to ask for a little snow? Central Virginia, shielded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, is such an iffy place…snowstorms have a way of turning on a dime or battling futilely against the ridge, but not crossing over into our territory. The weather reports over the last day or so, though, have gotten us so excited, calling for the first (and probably only) big snow of the year—four to eight inches of powdery white goodness. Even though I’m no longer in the classroom and am inconvenienced like everyone else now, I can’t help but feel some of that residual excitement every time there’s a forecast like this. It has nothing to do with getting out and playing in it…I don’t like cold, wet things, as Bella in Twilight would say. My max exposure is when my feet starting getting cold and wet, and that’s about it…I am heading indoors.


No…when we do end up with snow or ice, I end up dealing with children who get a day off from school and inevitably cannot find anything to play outside in. Lawson will end up outdoors in his pajamas, because he’s just that excited. Both urchins will run in and out fifty kazillion times, forgetting that we pay for heat these days and that I probably just mopped the floor yesterday. They’ll ask for twenty mugs of hot chocolate before 11 a.m., along with popcorn, cookies, gummies, Little Debbies, Doritos, and any other quantities of junk food they can think of. This just because It Is a Snow Day. I will have grand plans to paint a room or something that will not get accomplished because I am too busy seeing to twenty mugs of hot chocolate and the snack smorgasbord, but that’s okay. I can deal. This, too, because It Is a Snow Day.


I like a snowstorm for its beauty. I like a snowstorm for the promise of rest and relaxation it at least heralds…even if it doesn’t actually deliver. I like a snowstorm for the feeling of isolation it gives you, after you’ve battled the manic grocery store crowds for that loaf of bread and gallon of milk. (Because you know you’re going to die of starvation without those two items.) And I especially love a snowstorm for the night-before anticipation… “is school going to be out? there’s a dusting!” and the breaking-dawn giddiness… “Mommy! SNOW came!” It’s almost as good as Christmas.


So I’m crossing my fingers right about now, and saying a little prayer. It snowed fairly heavily earlier this afternoon—enough to get us out of school tomorrow, at any rate—but then it fizzled, and died. Reports are calling for snow to continue on through the night, but my pessimistic side just can’t see it happening. I’d love to wake up in the morning and see piles for the kids to run wild in…love to have an excuse to make a great big pot of hot chocolate, instead of twenty separate mugs. Maybe yall could say a little prayer along with me.

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