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The Skinny Jeans That Weren’t

March 19, 2009

Inner Cute Diva Revealed

Inner Cute Diva Revealed


My girl is growing up, and my goodness, is she ever in a hurry to get where she’s going.




Today was dress-down day at school, and she must have spent a good thirty minutes last night choosing her outfit…deliberating carefully over this shirt or that, and which belt would look best with those jeans. It’s really almost painfully comical to watch, but I have to restrain myself from trampling on her tender ego with a giggle.


I gave her a few extra minutes to get dressed this morning, recognizing that she would probably be inclined to spend some extra time primping since she didn’t have the uniform to hold her Inner Cute Diva back. Sure enough, twenty minutes after she’d entered the bathroom, she was still there, and suspiciously silent.


“Autumn. You need to hustle it up and get out here to eat your breakfast. Surely it can’t take that long to put on a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt.”


After a few minutes she flung the door wide. “Flung” is really the only appropriate word. “Look at these jeans,” she fumed. “They are still too big and I have tightened the waist things as far as they will go!” “They” were a pair of size 8 slim Old Navy jeans…nothing special about them other than the size, which I suppose represented some sort of tableau reached for her. Autumn is ten and a half, you see, and as teeny as they come. Her six year old brother weighs roughly three pounds less than she does, wears the same size shoes, and is just an inch or two shorter than her. She is “officially the smallest kid in her class,” she informed me yesterday, torn between being proud and being embarrassed by her shrimpness. The jeans swallowed her.


“Well,” I said, running my tongue across my as-yet unbrushed teeth and wondering how best to deal with this without having ingested any caffeine or food yet. “I’m thinking that you’re probably going to have to put on a different pair of jeans, honey. It’s not like you don’t own another pair.” (Far be it from me to state the obvious, but I guess someone has to, right?)


Off she stomped to grab another pair from her bedroom, and after another twenty minutes, finally emerged, booty-licious in a pair of sevens. She then proceeded to ask (as though my brain was functioning) my opinion on which earrings to wear, and which headband, and which shoes…the list goes on. She even asked to wear my earrings.


It’s funny (and empathetically uncomfortable) to watch her grow into this self-aware being, knowing that it’s just going to keep on getting worse from here on out. I’ll see her looking sideways at a cute boy, and hear her letting out a shrill giggle, or talking loudly with her friends, and remember doing those obnoxious things myself when I was around her age. Inwardly I’m cringing… “no! be cooler than I was! Just be yourself, and don’t give a flipping rip about what other people think of you…” but I know she has to walk these paths herself. I’m hopeful that her voyage of self-discovery will be the smoothest one in the books…but not betting on it. 😉

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  1. March 19, 2009 8:14 pm

    My little one is about to turn 5 and I am so excited for her but find myself yearning for the little 2 year old. I love that I can still ball her up and hold her and that she relishes being in mommy’s lap still. The choosing her outfit cracks me up as my little one does it already and voices her opinions very clearly.

  2. hintonrae permalink*
    March 19, 2009 8:47 pm

    I know what you mean, and just you wait, Jennifer! When they’re voicing opinions that early it’s a good indicator of Diva Temperament. 😉 When I started writing this earlier all I could think about was how everyone said time would move quickly, and they were all too right. Autumn’s not that little dimpled baby anymore…year after next she’ll be a Middle Schooler and I’m fairly certain that we’ll all start to experience Dante’s various levels of Hell…but in the meantime, at least I still have a semi-little one to cuddle up with, my guy Lawson.

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