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Of Winks and Blinks

March 23, 2009

Lawson and I communicate in winks and blinks.


I didn’t really notice, or pay any attention to this form of communication until we were sitting down this past Sunday for lunch at Bob Evans, me on one side of a booth and the kids on the other. They had their kids’ menus, their crayons, and their drinks and all was lovely and peaceful.


The food arrived, banana nut bread and butter to start with, and Lawson, big six-year old that he is, buttered his own bread with ultra-care and precision using a big-person butter knife. We ate quietly for a few minutes, intent over that banana-nut bread goodness, until Lawson looked up and caught me looking at him.


What? His raised eyebrows inquired.


I gave him a very tiny closed-lips smile and a quick, deliberate blink of my eyes. Good job, buddy, that blink very clearly said.


He responded with a wink—or at least, the six-year old’s variation of a wink—both eyes clenched tightly and entire face spasming in concentration. Thanks.


I gave him a long, slow blink this time. I love you.


He returned the sentiment with a long, slow blink of his own, dark lashes fluttering down over those big brown eyes and resting on his cheeks.  Yeah, love you, too.


I raised my eyebrow in inquiry. Is it good?


He winked at me again. Yep!


I decided to see if Autumn could get in on the action. I transferred my attention to her and waited until she looked up, then gave her that long, slow, I-love-you blink.


She looked at me in confusion, a little smile forming on her lips. “Huh?” I smiled back.


“Nothing, sweetie. Nevermind.” She’ll find her blinking companion one day. Until then, I’ll just have to use my voice. “Love you.”


“Oh, okay. Love you, too.” And with that, our lunch arrived and we were too busy eating to be blinking.

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