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Target ADD.

March 25, 2009

I got lost in Target yesterday. I actually do this with alarming frequency. It’s not intentional…I just go in for a quick trip to get this or that, and before you know it, it’s been an hour.


Yesterday I went into the Target Hole for…hmm. What was my original purpose? Marigold seeds, I think. On the way to the marigold seeds I paused to examine the Easter dresses. After all, Autumn will need one in a couple of weeks. So I hemmed and hawed and finally selected an adorable little dress…blue with big white polka dots. And she had to have a white cardigan to go with it. It might be cool, still.


After this, I walked down the main aisle, trying to stay focused. Marigold seeds. Marigold seeds…oh! Wait. I wanted to check out those steam cleaners. I checked them out. I checked them once, I checked them twice. I checked one right into the cart, along with the carpet shampoo.


While I was in the area (well…a few aisles away, but I was close) I thought I might see if there were any old-fashioned salt and pepper shakers—you know, the kind with the metal screw-top lid and the clear glass bottle?  Duane doesn’t care too much for the decorative ones. He wants the cheapo kind that the salt just pours out of—helps you to conserve energy for more important things like pressing buttons on a remote control. They had them. Now I have them.


Next, I thought, let’s hit the seeds. After all, that’s what I came in here for…oh, wait. Actually, I came in for a utensil basket. I forgot about that. And here’s one right here, conveniently close to those salt and pepper shakers. I need a utensil basket. My flatware is so heavy that the drawer thingie keeps breaking. This will help alleviate some of that weight.


Finally, the seeds. Marigold, check. Sweetpea, check. Oh, look at the sunflowers! They would be really pretty in a bed with that white one and then those dwarf sunflowers bordering them. Sunflowers, check. (It was only six more packages than what I had planned.)


Now I can leave. I have everything I wanted needed, right? Oh. How about a new doormat? They’re right here, and I do need one. I still have the “Winter Welcome” one out, and that definitely needs to go. Jeez, they’re expensive. Twenty dollars…oh, it’s reduced to 18.49. It’s a steal…


…such is the story of my Target wanderings. Intent on buying a package of marigold seeds that cost 1.69, I somehow ended up with an Easter dress, a cardigan, a steam cleaner, carpet cleaner, two salt and pepper shakers, a utensil basket and…what was the other thing?…oh, yes, slow cooker liners…that cost $207. And 56 cents.


Talk about ADD. Oh, look! A kitty!

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  1. March 25, 2009 7:08 pm


    You do write well, ma’am. Entertaining piece.


  2. hintonrae permalink*
    March 25, 2009 7:16 pm

    Thanks, Dan. If only the receipt was as entertaining… 🙂

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