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Bang Head Here

April 5, 2009

So I tried my hand at videography this weekend.

Autumn had a meet in Hickory, NC, and Duane was in Chicago on business and hated to miss it (they’re just SO MUCH FUN), and we figured, heck…the kids are ten and six…why not buy a video camera now that they’re half-grown already? I mean, it’s okay that we don’t have video of those adorable baby moments. We can video their adorable tween and teenage years.  We will definitely want to remember every minute of those.

I learned, though, that I am loads more comfortable behind a still camera. Not only am I a virgin videographer, but I can say without shame that I do believe I might just flat out suck at videography.  I missed my Canon 30D miserably. I could not hold that blame Sony thing still, and people that will actually pause for you to snap a still photo will walk in front of you and Stand There if you’re holding a video camera.

Despite all of this, I think I managed to get a few frames of Autumn on the Trampoline, Autumn on the Double Mini,  Autumn Tumbling, and Autumn Receiving Her Award (Until Fat Lady Stood In Between Us…please remember to dub out the frantic “would you move? HEY! would you MOVE?!).

Once home, I tried without success to upload the video files to my computer, so I could commence the editing process. Then the real aggravation began. First, let me just say that I have never been, and probably will never be a reader of manuals. I learn by doing. By clicking on this, and examining this, and just sort of figuring things out as I go. It works. Most of the time. I connected the appropriate cable (slot A fits into slot B…fairly simple). When the automenu failed to give me what I wanted, I went to the list of programs on my computer and found a Windows Video program, and voila, told it to import the video. Again, seems simple enough. I’m not completely computer moronic.

My moronic computer, though, gave me a message that it was unable to find and import any video files. When I clicked on the helpful “help” dialogue, it explained that this was probably either because the camera was turned off (NO), or connected with the wrong cable (NO) or a whole list of other things including Bang Head Here (NO, NO, NO and A-HA). So, moron that I am, I kept clicking on the “import video” command for a while, hoping that the program would change its mind about the whole thing, before finally giving up. (I think that falls somewhere within the basic definition of insanity, but I’m okay with that.)

SO. I have this video of my kid. It’s currently being held hostage within my really nifty camera. One of these days,when my patience level is really high, I’ll figure out how to set it free and show it to you.

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