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Kids Eat Free Mondays

April 7, 2009

I have fond memories of Monday Night Out as a child. We’d all pile into a cracked vinyl booth at the Moose Lodge, “we” being myself and my three brothers, with Mom and my stepfather seated close by but not on top of us…looking back I can see that they probably were in dire need of some breathing room and adult conversation. It was all-you-can-eat spaghetti night, or kids-eat-free or buy-one-meal-get-one-for-a-penny or some such something—whatever it was, it was cheap, which was exactly the point with a family of six, half of whom were hungry hungry hippos. Whoops. I mean boys.


I still look for bargains such as this today, and I have stumbled upon a great one—another Monday night deal, coincidentally. Autumn tumbles on Mondays from four p.m. until six-thirty (and Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and Fridays…but that’s neither here nor there, I suppose) and since I’ve recently taken on a couple of extra students, I decided to be lazy and not cook (horrors!) this past Monday. Instead, I picked Autumn up after practice and took the kids to Big Lick’s Tropical Grill on Timberlake Road.


In the event that you’ve never been there, Big Lick’s has a fairly diverse menu. Crab and chicken enchiladas, steaks, crab cake, cheeseburger, and bbq sliders, Cajun pasta, a monte cristo sandwich, great potato soup, meat loaf and mashed taters…the list goes on. They have a standing lunch deal that’s fantastic–$5.95 for the meal plus drink. On Mondays, though, they stretch it a bit further, and kids eat free. That’s free at lunch or at supper. So, I can go in at supper with my children, order an entrée, two kids’ meals, and a glass of water, and get a check for under $10.00. I can go in at lunch, do the same, and get a check for $6.63.  You can’t eat at McDonalds for that, and it’s good.


The only problem is that while I was in there Monday night, there were only around five or six tables being served. The rest of the restaurant was a ghost town. I’m not totally sure what the problem is…the recession? The location? (It’s not on the “Target” side of town.) Lack of marketing? Whatever it is, this is a restaurant I’d genuinely like to see succeed. Since my kids have this disturbing habit of eating around three French fries and two nuggets or bites of burger, I really like to get it free where I can. 😉

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