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Can You Dig It??

May 17, 2009

dig it

I learned a valuable lesson tonight in exactly which words you should not ask your kindergartner to sound out. (Especially in front of your impressionable ten year-old daughter.)

DIG is among them.

When we visited the Tractor Supply Store in West Virginia (you can’t shorten that phrase…it just all goes together. Like redbeansandrice.), we bought Lawson the requisite John Deere t-shirt. After all, he’s the grandson of a man who probably singlehandedly keeps the John Deere dealership afloat. The boy needs another John Deere t-shirt.

I did get a little creative with this one, though–I found a cool brown one with the words “DIG IT” emblazoned in bright yellow tractor tread across the front. It was a step up from the traditional white with green “Runs Like a Deere” lettering.

When I gave it to Lawson tonight, I decided a nice, educational sidebar was in order. “What does it say, Lawson? Sound it out,” I prompted, when I saw his lips start to form the words.

“I am! Di…dog…duck…”

It is my sincere hope that I don’t need to extend this already in-poor-taste post as I explain with precision Lawson’s LOUD utterance. Suffice it to say, my boy is NOT hooked on phonics.

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  1. May 19, 2009 8:29 pm

    Well, I guess it could have been worse…he could have had a speech impediment and you could have been trying to get him to sound out the word ‘truck.’

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