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A Good Hair Day

May 20, 2009

I have funky hair. No, really–it is extremely difficult, unmanageable, mind-of-its-own, Funky Hair.

And oh, my goodness, Kris Allen just won American Idol. (Look, there’s a kitty!)

But back to the hair. I have hair that’s just a little on the coarse side and has several many cowlicks. Appropriate, I suppose, for one who lives on a farm with cows. It has a lovely wave, no matter how much I long for it to be straight. When I was younger and longed for it to be spiral permed like all the other girls’ hair, it wouldn’t hold a perm for longer than two days. In short, I have Country Girl Hair.

In my quest to tame it, my hair has seen so many incarnations I thought I might take a minute and say a little blessing over the various ones. It seemed an appropriate time to do so, considering I got it “done” today and it looks FABulous, if I do say so, myself. Mallory at Sage Tryall is pure genius and I love her. I love you, Mall! You’re worth every stinking penny.

This is my hair in 2003-04–straight out of the sack, I might add. The face, too. Man, what a difference five years makes. As you can see it is blonde–it’s natural color–and a little longer than usual. I like blonde. I do.lori2

2005. And look–I’m getting thinner! Direct correlation to my baby getting older. 🙂 Hair is still blonde, but cut in its fairly standard bob. Fairly standard, because I tend to get bored, chop everything off, then spend a couple years growing it out, only to chop it off again and start all over again. This has happened two or three times now in my adult life. I think it’s due to my never having been allowed to cut my hair as a kid. Growing up, my hair was down to my tail. Literally. We’re talking Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let it down. When I was sixteen and a sophomore playing volleyball, I finally rebelled, went to a hairdresser on my own, and chopped it off to my shoulders. And feathered it. I’ve been chopping ever since.


Around this time I found out that our well water (cursed country living!) had a terrible tendency to turn my blonde hair a lovely shade of green after a while. So, I decided to try coloring it. I discovered that I enjoyed playing with hair color.

My next step was to grow my hair fairly long and color it pretty dark. One of my brothers is a brunette, so I figured I could carry it off, even with my freckles and fair skin. (Please don’t ask why there is an unbaked pie in a pie dish sans pie crust. If you’ll notice, I am repairing that mistake. I’m kind of wishing someone hadn’t decided to document that mistake, but you know how that goes. You screw one thing up for Thanksgiving and little brother is going to photograph it for posterity.)


When I went to Mallory a year or so later and told her I was bored and wanted it all gone, as in Every Last Bit, she was a little horrified and uncertain. “Are you sure?” she kept asking me. “How short, again?”

This short. (This is the head shot I had to submit for the business journal I write for, btw. Do you think it makes me look smart? I think it makes me look smart.)


It didn’t take me long to grow bored with that cut, so I’ve been working for the last year to grow it out. I think I’ve probably tried around four or five different colors to help alleviate some of the “growing it out” blues, including an attempt to head back in the blonde direction.


I learned that it’s actually very difficult to become a blonde again when you’ve dyed your hair really dark. It gets a little on the crispy side.

At any rate, I finally ended up with a brunette color that I like very much, and a great cut that actually makes me look like my hair is longer than it actually is. Here’s what I look like today:


I am happy. It is a good hair day.

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  1. May 20, 2009 10:56 pm

    Another thing we have in common – the love/hate affair with our hair! I’m in a growing it out phase right now but had it way shorter than your short cut there a couple years ago. But one of my sons said I looked like a girl who likes girls so I am letting it grow out! LOL!

    I love the new look! Very chic and looks great!

    Long live your awesome hair dresser!! Does she ever come to the desert? LOL

  2. May 21, 2009 8:37 am

    The more women I get to know the more I realize that just about every woman has hair issues. My hair is naturally curly but didn’t become this way until I was 15! I still love it but often go too short because I want a change. I’m finally at peace with shoulder-length or longer along with bangs to hide my much-too-tall forehead.

    Nice shots! I may steal your idea eventually and do a similar post over on my blog.

  3. tessadare permalink
    May 22, 2009 5:49 pm

    I would be happy to have your hair in any one of those pictures! I am not so adventurous with mine… hm. Perhaps you’ll inspire me to try something new the next time I get to the stylist!

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