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July 9, 2009

It’s true what they say: laughter really is the best medicine.


It’s been a tough past day or so, seeing Carl affixed to various leads and gauges, bags and devices, mask and tubes. It’s been hard seeing Mom a bit wrecked at the vision of her husband, once such a source of strength, reduced to incomprehensible weakness and wrestling with the knowledge that it will continue to worsen. It’s been hard facing my own helplessness in this situation gracefully, knowing that my function here is not to be weak myself, but to instead be whatever Mom and Carl need me to be—whether that’s a cleaning lady, a gofer, a laundress, a chauffeur, a hand to hold, a sponge to soak up the tears, or the source of a joke to produce an unlikely smile.


The smile came in the form of Noah today, God bless him. Noah is my nephew, the son of Carl, Jr. and Lauralee, and he has to be the most precocious child I know. He’s Lawson in triplicate, condensed into one DY-NO-MITE package. I love him to pieces just for consistently busting me up with the outlandish, oddly adult things he comes up with.


Today he started discussing his wife Tracy and his kids Blue Bobby, Calvin, and someone else whose name I didn’t quite catch. Now, mind you, Noah’s just five, but apparently this wife of his frustrates him to no end, because she’s just not very appreciative of his hard work at his four pathetic jobs. So sometimes he has to spank her and the children. And he preaches to them, too. I had to fib a little and tell him I hadn’t been to church in a month in order to get him to show me his preachin’ skills (I’m sure there’s some irony in that), and he made me come upstairs to a private bedroom to listen to his sermon on “Love and Kindness.” The clips are a little lengthy, but worth the giggles if you want to be entertained.

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