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Junk For Sale

August 5, 2009

For those of you who eagerly check my blog first thing when you stumble blearily out of bed each morning, I humbly apologize for my lack of new and exciting material over the course of the last week or so. You see, I’ve been very, very busy scrounging up all of my clutter that I’m very, very tired of looking at for a yard sale, and I just haven’t had time to be creative. I’m sorry.

A yard sale is tough work, especially when you live in on the Chief Back Road of Nowhere and for that reason haven’t been able to have one in at least five years. I decided out of the blue (as I often make decisions about things) that this Saturday might actually be the perfect time to have one because A) it’s summer, and you have yard sales in the summertime B) I’m going to Mom’s on Friday, and Mom actually lives in a neighborhood, and everyone knows that you need a neighborhood for a yard sale and C) …I forget C. I think it has something to do with clutter.

So I called Mom up the other day. “Mom. What do you think about a yard sale on Saturday?”

There was a long, suspicious pause. Then, “I guess I think it’s fine. As long as I can get in the garage and get it cleaned out.”

“Great. I’ll bring my stuff. See ya Friday!”

And thus began the collection process. A small problem began to emerge, however, as the goods mounted on my living room floor–the small difficulty of what to do with our clothing and necessities for not only the trip to Mom’s but the subsequent trip to the beach immediately following.  I shrugged mentally and kept on collecting. Surely I’d find room somewhere in the vast recesses of the Expedition to stuff us and all our junk. I hoped.

To be sure of this, though, tonight I started loading up everything I’d hunted and gathered thus far, along with everything we needed for the beach component of the trip, just to see how much space I had left. It’s not very pretty, but it’s working so far. I am the Queen of Stuffing. (Although if I could just find a way to fit that glider-rocker in there, too, I’d be a very happy Yard-Seller…)

Mom solved the problem with a phone call a few minutes ago. “No yard sale this weekend.”

“What? I mean ‘okay.’  Why?” (@#$*&!doyouknowwhativejustspentthelastthreedaysdoing?????) “What’s going on?”

“I just found out your brother and Jaclyn are coming in on Friday, too, so I’m not having a yard sale on Saturday.”

Well, I couldn’t complain about that.  And after some reflection, extra time would be good on multiple levels. I could use the extra time to hunt and gather more junk to sell, and use the extra trip to bring more stuff down to South Carolina when the space wasn’t compromised by beach gear and possibly even the bodies of children. (Wait, that didn’t come out right…but you know what I mean.)

And I wuv my widdle brudder. And his girlfriend Jaclyn, who’s an awesome photographer. This should make the weekend wonderful.


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  1. August 6, 2009 8:30 pm

    Awww…. I know how you feel about your younger brother… I feel the same way about mine!

    Well, at least you get more time to figure out how to get that glider to your mom’s…. maybe take a little bit now and a little bit then….. 😉

    I haven’t had time to write myself, so I understand the silence…

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