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A Ringside History of Us

October 6, 2009

Dick and Dave on my morning radio show were reminiscing about class rings this morning (Dave’s daughter had just received hers), and it took me back. I still have my ring with its crystalline blue stone that matched my eyes and silver band. I turned up my nose at my birth stone, the garnet. It resembled blood too much for my delicate sensibilities, or some such nonsense. The sides of my ring were etched with a volleyball with my jersey number in its center (16), the school colors (blue and white), and a scroll to represent writing.

I loved my ring.

A couple of years later, I met my husband-to-be and acquired his class ring as well. His was gold, with a black onyx. I’m thinking he didn’t care too much for his birthstone, either. He had a baseball with his jersey number (also 16–can you say Fate?) inscribed on one side, and a Cavalier, his high school’s mascot, etched on the other.

I loved his ring.

I wore it around my neck on a gold chain that he bought for just a few months into our relationship. He graduated it up to a “promise ring” a few months after that. I guess a guy figures it’s pretty serious when a girl lets him put doe pee on her and sit her in the woods next to a wet tree stump for a spell.

There was little fanfare with the promise ring. Just our regular Friday night trip to the mall to see a movie or something, and “oh, you want some jewelry or something?”

“Do I want some jewelry or something?” Guys, don’t ever ask a woman if she wants some jewelry or something. I mean, seriously. Is that a trick question? “What kind of jewelry?”

“Well, I just figured we might get married one day, and I’m not going to buy an engagement ring or anything yet, but I figured I might buy something. So you want something?” My husband is the Romance King.

So I picked out a little something something.

A year or so later, Duane had still not officially popped the question. His father sort of popped the question for him. We’d been dating a little over a year, and it was just a general assumption that we were going to get married. We talked about in general future terms. “One day.” “Some day.” That sort of thing. I was just starting my sophomore year of college, though, and neither of us was really in any rush. So we’re sitting there eating dinner or some such mundane thing…I don’t really remember…and his dad looks at us, and says, “So, when are yall going get married? Are yall going to get married anytime soon? Cause if you are, I’ve got this house just sitting over there in the field, and I’m getting ready to get those deadbeat tenants out of it, and I can have it ready for you by August.”

Well. With an offer like that…

We just sort of looked at each other nervously, not quite sure what to say. Dan went on. “Not that I’m rushing you or anything.”

“Well, yeah, we’ve been thinking about it a lot lately,” Duane told him. “We’ll let you know what we decide.”

It was a few days later that we went to the mall again, picked out another little something something, and then went on to the Wal-Mart to buy fishing lures. Duane refused to let me wear my ring until he formally proposed, which kind of irritated me. I wanted my ring. Either my irritation irritated him or he got nervous about the whole thing, because when we got in the Wally World parking lot, he said, “Here, catch!” and tossed a teddy bear my way. The ring was tied around the teddy bear’s neck.

I was so overwhelmed at the romance of the moment I dropped the bear to the asphalt and had to take a moment to overcome my clumsiness before retrieving it and placing my ring on my left hand.

And then…we lived happily ever after. 🙂

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  1. October 6, 2009 6:50 pm

    Wow, sounds like it would make a great Disney cartoon.

    I’d especially like to see them animate the part about the doe urine.


  2. Shirley permalink
    October 7, 2009 10:35 am

    Awwww how sweet who knew Duane could be well so romantic?? I love it!

  3. October 11, 2009 2:57 pm

    Oh, Lori, that was awesome. I’ll have to email you my own romantic dating/engagement story… which includes such memorable quotes as: “I could totally marry someone like you” (which sort of meant, “Will you marry me?”) and “I have the ring in my pocket. Do you want it?” Classic romance.

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