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The Rain Day

January 23, 2010

When we went to bed Thursday night, the weather was wavering indecisively between rain and sleet, and there was the teasing promise of ice in the air. Tree limbs were just beginning to glisten with that promise, but I set my alarm for the usual time, telling myself as I always do on these nights, I will not count chickens. I will not count chickens.

I was awakened early Friday morning by my husband as he stood over me in the darkened bedroom, ready to leave for work. “Hey,” he whispered. “School’s closed.”

“Whaaaa? ‘kaythassgood.”

I flopped over and turned the alarm off, then curled back into the blankets for a couple more hours of sleep. Sleep was good. A couple of hours later I vaguely heard the kids emerge from their own cocoons, but I merely burrowed deeper. Sleep was even better when your kids were old enough to pour their own cereal, and no herding, dressing, or standing guard was required to get them off to school. Why was it I wanted another baby, again? Babies required care and feeding.

Ech. Babies. Talk about a broken record in my brain. What’s that song? “they’re everywhere! they’re everywhere!” Except maybe it’s “he’s” everywhere. Oh, yeah–ChickenMan, and then Ray Stevens “Santa Clause is Watching You.” But they are everywhere. They’re on every blinking t.v. show I watch. They’re in carts at Target and strollers at the mall. The woman that owns the coffee shop is BIG with child. They’re stalking me, the cute, sadistic little buggers. I’m trying to be good here, I really am.

It was useless to attempt sleep any longer. It was barely 8:00, but once my brain starts circulating towards babies it’s definitely time to get up, and find something to occupy it. I wondered how bad the roads were. Maybe, if they weren’t too terrible, I could go and abuse my body a little with our regular Friday morning volleyball. “Clean the floor,” as Autumn called it, or simply “fall down a lot,” according to Lawson.  

I glanced blearily out the bathroom window as I stumbled in and squinted in confusion. Where was the ice? Everything looked completely normal outside, if a little damp and gray around the edges. There was a moment of panic. Did I dream Duane telling me school was out? But wait…the alarm was turned off–so no. No dream.

A slow smile curled my lips and I started to edge toward the shower and my wake-up routine. It was a rain day. How perfect.

I love Bedford County. We’ve had school cancelled for a “hurricane” [warning], extreme cold-weather [single digit mornings], and the imminent threat of severe winter weather. Because of the sheer size of Bedford County, and the fact that it covers territory that is in places mountainous, rural, or semi-urban, what is rain in one location may be ice and sleet in another. So we lucked out, and had the pleasure of a day out of school with none of the mess of ice that goes alongside it.

So…a rain day. It was perfect–perfect for sleeping in, perfect for playing, perfect for loosening the belt on a really tight afternoon schedule. Everyone should have a rain day every now and again.

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  1. January 24, 2010 10:56 am

    never experienced a RAIN DAY!!! how cool is that? babies ARE everywhere…uh….yeah…don’t have words for that….my last baby broke me into pieces….still recovering.
    i need a rain day. i don’t see that happening here though…maybe a WIND day!!!

  2. January 24, 2010 6:35 pm

    I would love to have rain days. Cancel school so my kids and I can splash in puddles and jump and twirl in the deluge then snuggle into blankets and read books and eat popcorn all day.

    I think I’ll declare tomorrow a rain day.

  3. January 24, 2010 9:53 pm

    Oh goody! If tomorrow is a rain day for Gerb than that means it is a rain day for us too!

    I can remember as a child sitting next to the radio listening, hoping I’d hear the name of my school. “Oh please oh please oh please mention my school. School is canceled!!! Due to several feet of snow. YES!!!”

  4. Lori permalink*
    January 25, 2010 10:36 am

    Misty, Gerb, Rachel–this is so weird–we have today off, too. It’s 55 degrees, the sun is shining, but it rained heavily all last night, and apparently there’s some heavy-duty flooding somewhere. So, no school. I LOVE IT. Although I am kind of ready for the kids to go to school, because they’re turning in to Tattlebugs.

    And Misty, my husband called a ban on babies after Lawson. “You’ve got 2. Boy and a girl. That should be sufficient.” Only it’s not! 😉 So I’ve kind of been whining for the past 5 years.

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