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My Spider Thing

March 22, 2010

I have this thing about spiders. I don’t like them. They’re creepy, and, I suspect kryptonite where I’m concerned. Put me on that show Fear Factor in a vat of spiders and I’d be a babbling idiot in two seconds flat.

This might stem from a Very Traumatic Experience I had when I was around four. I was playing on our patio, hunkered down like kids do and inspecting this narrow little space where the wall met the concrete. A huge spider came hurtling out at my face, precipitating much  panic and screaming, but little to no actual blood. My mother swears it was a black widow.

I just think it was scary.

At any rate, I dreamed about spiders last night, in a very disturbing fashion. What does it mean when you dream about arachnids?

To read all about it, visit 4 Perspectives:

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