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“i’m too cool for you” autumn

This is Autumn Rae. And Autumn Rae is waaaaaay too cool for us.

Autumn is eleven, going on twenty-five, and lets us know it with every exaggerated eye roll, shoulder shrug, and dramatic flounce she can introduce into our daily lives. (Which is a lot, in case you were wondering.)

We still love her, though.

Autumn was recently diagnosed as having ADD, and although it was tough at first, the diagnosis has been very enlightening in terms of her difficult nature. We haven’t slid back on discipline or expectations, but it does help us understand her frequent rages, mood swings, impulsivity, forgetfulness, and small defiances. She’s been on Concerta for close to five months now, and although I’ve never been a huge fan of medicating your child for the least little thing, it’s made an amazing difference.

She actually does household chores now without being asked.

You’ve probably noticed my posts every now and then about her tumbling–Autumn is a competitive Level 8 tumbler and, although the competition has become very stiff in the last couple of years, is doing very well. When she was a lower level she actually ranked 3rd in the nation on two events at the Junior Olympics. (Yes, I’m bragging.) It’s a grueling schedule of training and an exhausting series of competitions, but it’s a discipline she loves, so we let her have at it.

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