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The Man


Duane and I have been married since August, 1995. We were young (I was still in college) and maybe a little dumb, but are still in love.

You may have noticed from my stories about Duane that he’s a “man’s man,” very opinionated, and quite witty. His sense of humor and the way he keeps me grounded are two of the things I love most about him.

Duane works in a pretty high-pressure job–he’s one of the “principals,” I guess you could say, in the family business of wholesale electrical supplies. These are tough economic times, and Duane is finding creative ways to keep the company not only afloat, but prospering.

He’s a “tell-it-like-is” kind of person, and is often teased by his co-workers—“you need to work on your people skills.” It’s become a mantra of sorts…whenever he starts to “break red” on somebody or get riled up about something, I’ll look at him and say “people skills! people skills!” and he’ll soften his approach. But only a little. There’s only so soft you can get when you’re telling it like it is, you know?

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