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Mini Baked Potatoes

Package of baby red-skin potatoes (probably around twenty-ish)

1 tablespoon extravirgin olive oil

seasonings to taste: sea salt, garlic salt, Italian seasoning


6 oz container of cream cheese with chives and herbs

6-8 oz of sour cream, to your taste


ready-cooked bacon, microwaved and crumbled

shredded cheddar

Mix together olive oil and seasonings in a small mixing bowl. Wash potatoes, then slice each one in half. Slice a small piece off of the bottom of each half so the halves will sit flat on the baking dish. With a melon baller, scoop a small bit of the potato from each half. Toss potatoes in the oil/seasoning mixture. Place potatoes on baking sheet or stone and bake at 375 degrees until soft, around 35 minutes.

While potatoes are baking, mix together cream cheese and sour cream. Place in refrigerator so it is not too soft.

When potatoes are baked, use a small spoon to top each one with the filling mixture. Garnish as desired with bacon and shredded cheddar, and serve. Delicious!

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