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Here We Go (1/1/09)

I am embarking upon The Flat Belly Diet.
The Spend My Money More Wisely Diet.
The Waste Less Time Diet.
To be quite plain, that’s a dearth of food, dearth of spending, dearth of mismanaged minutes. But, ummm…I really kind of like food, spending money, and wasting time.
I ask myself the same question this time every year: why bother? These have to be the result of the most popular resolutions in the United States–lose weight, put more money in the bank, and have more time to channel toward the things that matter. I like the challenge, I guess, more than anything else, of seeing how long I can keep up with the resolutions. I’m not so much a resolution kind of gal as I am a “hey, I kind of like that idea, think I’ll go with it for a while” kind of gal, so this year I decided to formalize the whole approach a bit and see how that works.
So. The Flat Belly Diet. Okay–I know there are some of you girlfriends out there that are shaking your heads in disgust (Lori T, Barb, Jen…) because you laugh at me (in disgust) every time I have ever mentioned wanting to lose any belly fat. “You’re a size 2!” “You weigh a hundred and eighteen!@#$” This I concede. Please do not despise me. 🙂 This does not, however, preclude the fact that my belly does not look as good in a bikini as I would like for it to look in a bikini. And do not say that no thirty-three year old woman who’s had two kids should look like a…whatever…in a bikini. If I’m going to wear a bikini, I’m going to look smoking, or I’m not wearing the stinking bikini. Period. Hence the Flat Belly Diet. It’s not about weight loss. It’s about visceral belly fat–look it up in Prevention magazine.
Money in the Bank. More wanted for fun stuff. ‘Nuf said.
Time. Ah. Here’s a clanger, huh? William Penn stated, “time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” This is without doubt the resolution that I have the most difficulty with. I’m getting better, but at a snail’s pace. When I have a spare minute, inevitably I find a way to waste it…either with procrastinating some important task (that I probably shouldn’t have agreed to do in the first place), filling it with something inexcusably mundane (like scrubbing the toilet), or simply being unable to do something necessary because I haven’t thought ahead and organized myself appropriately.
I’m learning…or maybe relearning…that organization is really vital to this time thing. I used to be organized once upon a time. Really, I did. (I know some of you, that haven’t known me very long, are reading this with skeptically raised eyebrows.) When I was teaching, the principal and department head used to send new teachers to my classroom as an example of organization. It was almost embarrassing. Then came the kids. Now it’s pencils mixed in with the cookbooks and legos with the hairbands, and you can always find the spare key to the Expedition in with the Crayola Magic Markers.
So, yes…a little extra time for my brain synapses to fire. To actually stop, drop, and think, “hmmm, what would be a logical place to put a spare key to the Expedition?” before I just toss it into the jar of Magic Markers, assailed as I am upon entering the house with questions about mommy, where do I set this heavy bag of groceries, and by the way can I have my fourth snack of the afternoon, and mom, have you seen my blue leotard with the star on the front… Yep. That would be Niiiiice. I’ll take that over the bikini belly anyday.
Happy Resolutions.
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