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On Witches and Goblins (10/31/08)

Tonight was Halloween, and it was so nice to sit back and feed off of the kids’ excitement. Despite the good cop/bad cop routines that are sure to ensue over candy, it’s just fun. Unadulterated, in its purest form. Consider the evidence:

Alter egos. This year Autumn was disguised as a snow princess, Lawson a ninja, Haley a witch with purple and black striped stockings, and Hannah…hmmm. I’m still not quite certain of Hannah’s identity. A Dancing With the Stars girl, I think, with a poodle skirt and secret agent i.d. badge. It’s so cool to witness these kids’ imaginations as they try out a possible fantasy occupation each year.

Unbridled sugar highs. The goal is, of course, to consume as much of the refined white stuff as is humanly possible within as short an amount of time as possible. We parents can attempt to pose as voices of reason (“Don’t touch a PIECE of that candy until I’ve gone through it all and made sure that it’s safe!”) but our kids know full well that we just want some of the loot for ourselves.

The cute factor. What can I say–I’m a sucker for Cinderella dresses that light up, Tinkerbells that teeter on little heels, and cowboys that are about to burst into tears…

The festival atmosphere. Everywhere you look in the little town of Bedford, it’s lit up and decorated–pumpkins, scarecrows, hay bales, ghosties and goblins, etc. Something about the community effort that goes into making everything so perfect for the children inspires a good time.

Food. ‘Nuf said? Not really. White Chili is pretty much a fall, if not a Halloween, tradition, and this year was no exception. Along with a cookie and hot chocolate table for the trick or treat-ers (see Autumn manning the table, above, and Hannah, left) snicker-brownies, cupcakes, and all sorts of other goodies…we’re pleasantly stuffed. Because I think everyone should enjoy White Chili, I’ll post the recipe for you sometime when I’m not quite as sleepy…


Speaking of sleep…the kids are tucked in at Darrell’s for a Halloween sleepover, the costumes folded and tucked away. It’s all over now, except for the candy assessment. ‘Til next year. Hope yall had a good one.
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