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Six-Year Old Deer Slayer (11/15/08)

Lawson White, six years old, has slain not one, but two deer today, marking his crossover into the manly world of hunterdome. He killed both deer with relative unassistance from his father, except for being put in the right spot in the right time. This bodes well for the continuance of the proud White hunting tradition. He, to quote his proud father, “put the hammer down” on the second doe. When asked by his father if he had “made that shot” (because it seemed rather quick for such a difficult shot), Lawson’s response was an assertive, “Yeah, I did!” (as if there was another option. Yawn.)

While Lawson’s mommy is quite proud of her son’s prowess, she does wonder what life will be like now with two deerslayers in the house. She can think of a few things. Venison–the other white meat. Camouflage and taxidermy as the new “in” decor. Tivo taken over by hunting shows.



Lawson’s mommy is suddenly feeling the need for a shopping trip with Girls.


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