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Gallery 1: Winter Shed


So here’s my first Gallery Exhibition. I had my first set of photos all ready to go. They were of a soccer game of Lawson’s, and they were So Cute. There was this really big girl, and then all the other kids were midgets in comparison, and it was just too funny. And they were actually good. Lots of Lawson’s cheeky grins, and some stop-action…


Isn’t there always but?

But then it snowed. And there was this pretty green shed, and some barbed wire.  And some dead ironweed (at least, I think it’s ironweed–I could have my botany wrong.) 

And that’s pretty much all she wrote. The soccer game will be on hold for another week, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the green shed.

On all photos, I added a “hard light” layer that had the effect of boosting the intensity of the light quality just a bit and giving your photos just a little extra “pop”. To do this, you need an Adobe Photoshop program. I use CS4, butI’m pretty sure you can do it in Elements, too.

  • First, add a layer to your open photo (done easily by clicking Ctrl + J in CS4).
  • Next, in the layers palette, you should see a little box on the left-hand side that says “Normal.” Click on the drop-down arrow and select “Hard Light” from the selections that appear.
  • You’ll notice an immediate, distinctive change in your photo. To adjust this change, click on the opacity slider (on the right hand side of the layers palette) and play until you get your photo where you want it.

I’ve found it easier to do any other adjusting like sharpening, contrast, blacks, etc prior to making this adjustment.

Autumn was along for the ride and is always up for a modeling assignment. There was a low hanging pine branch dipped across the road, buried in snow, and she took a few minutes to stand patiently underneath while I snapped a few shots.

*A note about Galleries: galleries will remain on my main page for a week, and will then be moved to appear under the “Weekly Gallery section. Thanks for looking! 🙂

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