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Gallery 4: Journeys

In roughly a month, I’ll be climbing aboard a very large plane and flying to Rome.

I am so excited. It’s like waiting for Christmas.

It got me to thinking about other wonderful trips I have taken–London and Paris exactly ten years ago, Disney!, California, Texas, and not so very long ago, New York City.

This had to have been one of my all-time favorite trips, aside from London/Paris, which I only have some film prints to remember by. NYC was energy. It was vivid and alert and awake in ways you just don’t get until you go there.

Here are a few of my NYC photos:

There are other trips, though, which, while not quite as exciting and adventurous, hold a special place in my thoughts. Our anual drive through the Parkway on the way to Gatlinburg, TN, is one such trip. I’ve been doing some variation of this trip since I was a kid, but I never fail to appreciate the slow-paced, other-worldly quality of the Blue Ridge. The trip is the journey, here. It begs the driver to stop, loose the kids, and test the creek waters with your toes.

I remember as a kid clambering out of the car at one of the little shops along the way, hyped up because it was Yoo-Hoo and Slim Jim time. We’d buy terrible, artery-clogging snacks and then explore, walking over little wooden bridges and climbing moss-covered rocks.

We’d breathe in deep of mountain laurel and the towering pine trees.

These were trips to inhale creation, and joy in a simpler way of life.

Without question, I’m looking forward to my big trip to Rome. It doesn’t take a lot, though, to make me happy where travel is concerned.

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